Natural Order
Sarah Heitmeyer & Scott Lerman

Garage Gallery, Beacon NY
September 10–25, Sat/Sun 1–5pm, weekdays by appointment
Opening Reception, September 10th, 4–7pm
Our lives are spent in spaces we have designed and built, both on the earth and online. Human logic and structure underlie how and what we experience, giving us a sense of power and control.
But while our intellect craves order, our spirit drives us to seek the natural world, to get outside and out of our heads. We journey to open land, water, and forest to be immersed in a story we did not author. To be enveloped in natural form, sound, smell, and texture. To be surprised and renewed.
But inevitably, we return.
Garage Gallery is ½ block north of Main Street on N. Elm St.