These photographs are truly of the moment. Shot with instant film, they are infused with a spirit that comes from knowing that the resulting print will be peeled free in 15 seconds. Later, by scanning and inverting the image from the “goop” side (the paper negative that was an integral part of Edwin Land’s process) a richer, more soulful vision emerges—the perfect combination of instant and considered development.
When Polaroid stopped making its legendary peel-apart instant film, Fujifilm filled the gap with its excellent FP-3000B alternative. As photographers began to shoot Fuji film in Polaroid cameras, the term “Fujiroid” naturally emerged. In 2013, Fuji abandoned production of black and white instant peel-apart film. The remaining stocks are carefully rationed out of the refrigerators of enthusiast hoarders around the world.

Garden Mist



Beacon Beard



Catalyst Gallery

Polaroid Pathfinder 110b converted for Fujifilm FP-3000B pack film.

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