When the world is slowly captured in paper-thin slices, motion leaves traces. Movement becomes sharply drawn instead of blurred. As subjects struggle for stillness or seize control their intent is captured. Even a still life, examined closely, reveals traces of movement induced by vibration and breeze. Decisive interplay becomes more important than the decisive moment.
These images are made—line by line—by merging ultra-large-format cameras from the early 1900s (or small garbage cans) with vintage copy camera lenses and highly modified flatbed scanners. 

Boris and Me

Four Self-Portraits

Almost Still


Self-Portrait Diptych

Lydia Adams Davis Portrait






14 x 14 Deardorff Enlarging, Reducing and Copying Camera with dual lens modification.

"Scancan™" hand made from garbage can, vintage process lens,
and highly modified Canon LiDE flatbed scanner.

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